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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Thoughts on Following Passion


Following Passion... Bad Advice for Entrepreneurs...?I’ve been enjoying the articles from Cal Newport ever since I saw his article about “Why Following Your Passion is Bad Advice.”   In short, Newport says we shouldn’t be so illogical to think we can just call what we love to do a career and be successful.

I couldn’t agree more, and occasionally struggle with this myself. When opportunities come up that are exactly in line with my stated passions, I get really excited. However, I’ve learned that it is often wise to dig a few layers deep and do some exploration about the idea, opportunity, job, project, client, partner to find out if the logic supports the energy.

Tony Hseih talks about entrepreneurs and playing at the right table.  He loves poker and so his analogies make sense: if you want to win big in Vegas, you have to be sitting at the table where winning big happens.  

As I meet more successful entrepreneurs, I’ve found that they’ve all discovered their own passion and they have usually found a way to unleash that passion at the right table.


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