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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Three Sins of Sales Management

Jack Daly SalesI just started Jack Daly’s book, Hyper Sales Growth , and as expected, it is solid.  Jack is the best speaker I have ever heard. I’ve probably heard him talk 4 times and every time it is powerful. His book flows like his talks, (although it’s not quite the same without all the screaming, profanity, and sweat flying as he jumps around on stage).

Jack opens the book with what I believe is the biggest thing I learned from his very first talk. The three sins of sales management that entrepreneurs make.

If you want to grow your business, you need to invest in your sales team. Duh! And to grow a sales team, you need the right sales leader.  The right sales leader can be the key to your success or the cause of your mediocrity.    Too many CEOs handle the sales management role the wrong way.

Sin #1. The CEO is the sales manager.   In this scenario, you are saying that the company only needs a part time CEO and a part time sales manager. Some of the time you will set the vision and some of the time you will be the sales manager (recruiting, coaching, training).   You can’t be both CEO and Sales manager. They are two very different jobs.

Sin #2. You promote the top sales guy to be the sales manager. In a live seminar, Jack would say something like this: “You dumb shits! You just lost your best sales person and now have a crappy sales manager.”   Selling and sales management are not the same skill set. It’s not the same personality.

Sin #3. Even worse, you promote the top sales guy to be the sales manager AND you expect him to keep selling!  Once again, Jack would let you have it for this one.   Now you have a person in your company who has the job of training the team, but is compensated for only selling their own deals.  Fail on fail.

Jack Daly is phenomenal. As it turns out, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) in Atlanta is bringing Jack to speak at a one day sales expo. Thursday October 2 in Buckhead at the Intercontinental Hotel.  Mark your calendar.

In the meantime, if you are committing one of these sins of sales management, you better get right before Jack comes to town!

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