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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Top 12 Lessons from 2012


2012 was a great year for me, how about you?    To close out the year, I made a list of my top lessons learned.  I can’t say that I mastered any of the items below in 2012. Instead, I discovered that they are important principles we all need to constantly focus on developing.   I hope you share my sense of urgency to focus on these in 2013!

JC’s 12 from 12

1.  People are the most important factor in every life decision.

2.  Everybody has the same basic needs, successful or not.

3.  Intentional and TOTAL prioritization is powerful.

4.  Perpetual inspiration comes from inspiring others to help people.

5.  Alignment is having everything in your life moving in the same direction.

6.  Ideas are worthless.

7.  Jobs are easy to find. Alignment is key.

8.  It’s easy to start things that shouldn’t be started.

9.  Forward is the only productive place to look.

10. Slowing down makes me more effective than I ever dreamed.

11. I didn’t actually know how to be quiet and sit still until I was 32.

12. Gumption is a secret life skill and unavailable to most people.


I hope to expand on each of these in 2013. Happy New Year!




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