Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.



One of the amazing aspects of the Atlanta Tech Village is the instant connection the members, aka Villagers, seem to have with each other. It’s great to watch friendships and close working relationships being formed because people share something in common as simple as working in the same building on similar life goals. It is with the these relationships beginning to form, that I believe we will see more and more a precious thing called “trust” form.

Trust is a huge asset in business. Trust is what makes people move. If I trust you, I will do business with you. If I trust you, I will recommend you to an investor, a potential employee, or a company working on a similar product.

Trust is also key to finding the secret to happiness: Alignment.  If you are working in an environment full of trust (both others’ trust in you, and your trust in others), you are more comfortable, happier, and able to function on a higher level.  Where trust is lacking, things stall. When a company doesn’t trust a leader – for lack of transparency, a question in competence, or just personality issues – a culture cannot thrive.

Trust, however, doesn’t happen just because you work in the same building. It happens over time. It happens through a series of short conversations and the occasional long conversation. It happens by learning about something else you have in common with each other. It is also very easily transferred.  I have my A-list of folks who come with an automatic seal of approval. If they trust you, and they tell me they trust you (either implicitly or explicitly), I will automatically trust you.

Trust is a cool energy builder. Try to trust more people.



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