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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Two Things that Get Me


For all the writing and talking I do about being intentional and antifragile, there are still two things that can take me out and make me feel fragile and unprepared.   Someone else mentioned these same two things to me recently so I’ve been giving them some thought.      For me, all the work on a solid morning routine, great workout plan, intentional vacations, intense all-in work mode, disciplined writing and reading… it’s all great until it falls apart. And the two things that get me are: (1) business travel and (2) getting sick.

On the travel front, I used to travel all the time and had some decent routines and rhythm around it. But now I try to keep it to one overnight trip per month or less– and that’s not enough to have “habits.”  (Both good and bad, right?) But even when I know it’s coming, I come back from even short trips and things start to lose rhythm. Workouts are missed, the blog is completely neglected, I’m tired, the inbox zero starts to slip away… and things just kind of get disorganized until after sometimes a week or two before I can catch back up and get ahead of life.

On the getting sick front, I’m a terrible patient. I have no tolerance for pain or feeling miserable. Even the slightest cold just completely wipes me out. When I’m wiped out, it means I lay in bed and don’t give a flying s*** about anything like inbox zero or blog posts. Yes, it’s kind of amusing how pathetic I can be.

I don’t have the answers to these two boogars, but I’m hoping by acknowledging it and writing about it, I can start to think about routines and antifragile habits that can be more resilient against the inevitable travel and whatever plague the children bring home from school next.




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  • Ian says:

    points for being honest. they are unavoidable and they drain you. how can you be happy about something like that?

    i feel this way as an unproven entrepreneur. it’s unavoidable and a drain, sometimes its just too much.

    the only silver lining is that you will have a second to appreciate things worth getting out of be for, like family and bacon.

    get well soon

    November 13, 2013 at 12:23 am

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