Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Value Creep


I heard a new term the other day: “value creep.”   Someone was talking about how things seem so clear when you set out to do them, or when you step back and look at your WHY, your PASSION, your PURPOSE. But then as we start down the path, we experience value creep: that is, things that didn’t seem important or really aren’t even relevant to our purpose start getting in the way. They start getting our attention. They steal our energy away from what really matters. Then these noise-creating attackers become so cluttered and so important to us, that we can’t even see through them to our original, true, driving purpose.

It happens in everything. In parenting, especially, but also in any job, any company.

You have to deal with all the little things related to the HOW, but find disciplined ways to always check your position relative to your original purpose. Check your heading. Are you still headed where you’d like to be headed? Are the little things causing you to lose focus? Drive? Energy?

If so, take some time to recenter, refocus. Deviate from your current heading if it’s been caused by value creep.

Happy Monday!

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