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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

We Gon Lie Down and Bleed a While


GT Startup SemesterLast night I had the humbling privilege of spending time with an amazing group of undergrad students at Georgia Tech in the kick off night of a program called Startup Semester.  This is a student organized, student led group of people starting companies. They’re going to use the strength of each other, of mentors, and of the institution to work to “DO EPIC SH” over a period of 10 weeks. I think the founders, Aswin Natarajan and Jerome Choo did an amazing job of preparing, securing phenomenal meeting space, and reviewing applications to only allow serious future-prenuers in the room.    Honestly, there are so many “startup meet up” events out there that are disappointments to me that it was refreshing and energizing to be at an event that I thought really has a chance of making a difference in these startup companies.

At the event, to inspire these Startups, the guys played the video below of a GT  football pre-game speech that has become legend. I love this video. Applies to anybody doing anything of meaning. Watch it early and often!

It’s about FLESH and BLOOD!  Fight, til you can’t fight no mo!


ps. Go Startups and Go Jackets!!

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