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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

What if We Built Our Businesses Like We Were Building a… Dare I say it…


What if We Built Our Businesses like we were building a church
Going out on a limb here, but what if you thought about building your business as if you were building a church? How would you think about things differently?

Would you be more passionate? More on fire?

Think about how passionate you have to be to convince someone to come to a church. They have to not only hear you saying the right things, but they have to see that you are making a difference for others. They have to see that you are doing good and that if they join you, they will become part of the good that you are making.


You are a leader of people…

A church is a symbol in the community. What are you a symbol of? and to whom? People pay attention to what the church says, what the church does, and how the church things and acts because they know the church stands for something.    The church leads people.


Superfans perhaps…

Churches call them evangelists or disciples or whatever, but out here in startup land, we call them “Superfans!” We want people who are so excited about what we’re doing that they can’t help but Facebook about it, Tweet about it, tell their friends at bars about it. That’s what the church calls “overflowing” … how are you thinking about your customers, your prospects, your opportunities? Are you looking only for super fans, or are you looking for regular fans?


Members for life…

First do good. Only do good.  When we adopt this mentality, our customers, our users, our members will join us for life. Why would they not?  If you are truly doing good for the world, for your customers, for their lives, why would they ever consider their working relationship with you to be short term? They are committing to good, and people don’t commit to good lightly or passively. People commit with fire.


Long term view…

If you think like a church, your view on your organization is one that it will last forever. It won’t be sold. It won’t go under. It won’t be merged or acquired. It’s a doggone church, dude!   It’s a given that it will be there forever. That’s how we approach things that we do when we believe in them, we ONLY assume that they will last f-o-r-e-v-e-r.   Thinking in this timeframe should change a lot of your decisions as a start-up, as a sales guy, as anything… whatever it is that you are working on should be seen as bigger than you.

If you are like me, applying these principals to your professional endeavors is liberating. It’s energizing. It’s soothing.  Embrace the feeling and enjoy.



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