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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Why are so many People Googling Personal Creed?


Top Keywords on Johnson Cook BlogI noticed in the analytics that the post titled “Personal Creed” is the top keyword driving traffic from search engines to this blog. And no, I’m not posting this one just as an SEO trick… I’m genuinely curious why so many people are searching the term “personal creed”…?  (Notice the graphic at both #2 and #5.)

I suppose you need to go back to the hypothesis I put out in the post where I shared the lyrics to Some Nights by Fun that stated millenials (especially) don’t have a clearly defined mission for life. They have a ton of energy, they are brilliant, they have more tools than any other generation has ever had, but in general, they don’t have written personal core values, a generational creed, or a personal mission statement.

This should embolden you if you are in the business of helping others find meaning, purpose, and clarity about their lives. Companies who are working to help their employee and customer cultures be centered around happiness should keep up the good work.

Keep trying to reach the individuals.  Keep working to help people find happiness. They are literally and actively looking for it!


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