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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Willing to Organize Less


EMyth - ManagerI’ve started to notice that something I usually consider a strength can be a weakness that limits me in my entrepreneurial journey.

In, Michael Gerber’s E-Myth, he teaches the idea that the entrepreneur must master the balance between the three inner roles that he needs when starting and growing a business.

  • The Technician – this is actually doing the work, making the widget, writing the code, sweeping the floor, helping the customer
  • The Manager – this is organizing the business, creating org charts, financial forecasting, growth planning, hiring, arranging, keeping the organizational machine operating
  • The Visionary – this is the creative big dreamer, seeing the long game, painting a vision of big success so that everyone on board can know where the bus is going

Gerber says to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must be aware of these three roles and balance them and fill them each with yourself or an actual person as you grow. My observation during our time building the Atlanta Tech Village is that my “inner manager” sometimes gets too involved and over-plans, over-organizes. Have you ever noticed this in yourself?

The problem with over-managing is that you become invested in the plan rather than the vision. If you keep the vision as the priority rather than the plan, you will probably find that your first, second, and even third plan wasn’t the right way to get there.  This is what being a scrappy entrepreneur is all about. Your plan yesterday will probably be thrown out the window – and you need to be ok with this.

Obviously, if you don’t have a clear long-term Vision and WHY, changing plans every day can be a problem. It means you’re floundering, spinning your wheels and not going anywhere. But if you have that clearly painted picture in your mind of where you are going, it is probably a good idea to evaluate how willing are you to change your planned route to get there.


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    GO DAWGS!!!

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      They have the internet now in Athens? Wow, you guys are really coming along out there. ps. This is why someone needs to invent an “in-law blocker” for Disqus.

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