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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Yes, Even YOUR Idea is Worthless!


I can’t believe how there are still wannapreneurs (and even some entrepreneurs) out there who believe their good idea is going to be the secret to their success and they don’t want anybody to hear about it.  Great books and brilliant entrepreneurs have been saying over and over that ideas stink and success only comes from relentless execution, period.  People still think that keeping their idea secret is going to give them an advantage.

Just to prove my belief in sharing your ideas early and often, here are some of my very own top secret brilliant business ideas. Right now, these are lying in a notebook waiting for someone (you!?) to tackle the intense execution and focus that will be needed to turn any one of them into a business.

Ready, set, go…

  1. Better mobile app for locating and paying for parking
  2. Mobile app for church tithing from your phone
  3. Tools to help ADHD kids focus on small tasks (like getting dressed)
  4. Finishing school for young employees
  5. Google Adwords style bidding for digital signage
  6. Employee happiness and web app for best places to work
  7. Easy to setup video analytics security systems
  8. Speakers bureau for entrepreneurs and other free speakers
  9. Technology, Media, A/V consulting for traditional worship churches
  10. Industry Association sponsored Venture Capital funds
  11. Industry Association sponsored Accelerator programs
  12. Mobile App & Kiosk for retailers to let customers recognize awesome employee service
  13. Mastermind Forum meeting management mobile app and agenda builder
  14. Smart Home integrated web site and mobile app integrated with energy mgmt
  15. Location based mobile app to build groups from a bunch of people in the same room
  16. Private label Groupon for a industry association or non-profit
  17. Smart / data-targeted digital signage advertising platform
  18. Emergency golf cart recovery in Peachtree City (from my friend ZB)
  19. Uncle Maddio’s Franchise in Peachtree City (c’mon, please somebody!)
  20. A Kid-Run service for $10/mo that takes your neighbor’s trashcan to the curb on the correct day (and brings it back the next day)
  21. Any SaaS business that can use college interns working as the sales force from their mobile phone in their dorm room
  22. Facebook

Well, this is getting tiring. I could go all day. That’s the top 22.   Have at ‘em. Brilliant ideas for free… exactly what they’re worth!





  • Craig Hyde says:

    Amen to that. Some of these are good ones that have already started in Atlanta:

    1. Parkmobile – Rigor users that have a great app. Use it all the time.

    12. We & Co – Started as a recognition site that pivoted into a LinkedIn for service professionals.

    December 29, 2012 at 2:13 am
    • Johnson Cook says:

      Well maybe I need to come clean and share that I didn’t share the “whole” idea with these… but what the heck. On #1– the actual core of the idea is to leverage mobile apps to bring smaller commercial lots into the inventory of available parking in high density areas by lowering the startup costs. ParkMobile focuses on just paying for existing commercial (big) lots with your phone as an alternate payment… but our idea is to go only to small businesses and office buildings that have spaces not used during off-peak hours, but could use it even if it only makes a little money. But I’ve said too much! This secret idea is going to be my grand slam. (ha)

      We&Co is awesome for service professionals. But there is still opportunity there!

      Craig, if the need for Web Site performance monitoring goes away, feel free to go into the Parking business.

      ps. Great idea #23-

      January 3, 2013 at 12:01 pm
      • craighyde says:

        I like the sound of #23…

        January 3, 2013 at 6:51 pm

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