Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

You Already Have the Advantage

confident-pilotConfidence. That’s the biggest advantage you can give yourself in life. Yes, you can give it to yourself. Confidence is a decision. You have to decide to be confident.  When you are confident, you have the advantage over the other guy.

When you are confident:

Focus on the wins.   Live them up. Celebrate victories. Frame them and hang them on the wall. Talk about them often. Get pumped up.

Ignore the losses. Treat a loss like a coroner treats a cadaver. Get what you need out of it and move on. Do not let it stay with you.

Make active decisions. Stay in motion. Don’t sit still. Constantly evaluate where you are and where you are going.   Confidence must be fed with motion. Stagnation doesn’t help confidence.

Be aware of your surroundings.   Confidence needs information. You need to know what’s trying to kill you so that you can fire the first shot and take it down.

Never forget the fundamentals.   Focusing on fundamentals more than the other guy will make you win. Stay healthy. Read. Write. Learn. Balance your family. Be intentional.

Keeping your confidence alive, fresh, and healthy is just the advantage you need as you look to 2014.   Beware of the thin line where confidence spills over to arrogance.  Try hard not to cross that line, but be sure you go right up to the edge.

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