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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Your Own Worst Enemy


EnemyThis one goes out to myself.

Short version.

If you really believe that the only thing you can control is your thoughts…
And you believe that thoughts become actions…
Then your only true enemy is yourself.

Deeper version.

This thought hit me this morning as I was pissed off about the almost 2 hours of traffic I battled to get to a breakfast learning event. I was over an hour late to a 90 minute event. ARGRRG!!

Even though I had a packed day of great meetings, exciting sales meetings, and huge opportunities… I couldn’t overcome the funk. The bad mood funk felt worse than a bad mood. It felt like I wanted to say to myself that things aren’t going my way. That the world is screwing me today. I wanted to moan about “Why is it so hard to start a company…”  … I wanted to complain about having to “work” and claim that all I want to do is go watch a movie and play with the kids all day.   Grumpy grump. Humbug.

So sitting in traffic (again) between meetings, I decided to throw on my headphones (something I never do), and pull up my favorite song of the summer.  Mumford & Sons THE CAVE.   That song fires me up. Over the past few weeks, it has caused me to run more miles than I thought possible, faster than I thought possible.. because it is a “full-throttle rush.”  I turned it up to max.  I was amazed at what happened. When I started thinking about kicking the day’s ass, the day seemed to look less daunting… but even more importantly, I realized that the only thing about the DAY that even felt daunting at all was HOW I WAS LOOKING AT THE DAY. My own thoughts. My own flawed, weak thoughts were causing me to think and say the world was against me.

It wasn’t.

It never is.

It’s only me against me, and I want the right side to win.




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